Our core values.


We pride ourselves on never wasting an opportunity to make progress on your goals.

If you have an injury, tightness , or any other factor impacting your training...we are highly unlikely to advise you to just not train and 'rest'.

Instead, we will use our knowledge, techniques and the world class tools at our disposal to keep you moving forward.


We live for marginal gains and strive for improvement totalling at least 1% every week.

Our coaching staff attend in house education every week and we regularly host professional development seminars with leading external experts.

We have invested in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, frequency specific microcurrent, and red light therapy all to deliver better results for our clients.


We firmly believe that everyone's training should be individualised. No one size fits all.

Our training environment is the best equipped on the south coast, if not the UK, and allows us to individualise every training program we provide.

Following a full assessment process we will design a training program uniquely tailored to your individual goals.

About our process.

Day 1

  • Movement Review

    We will undertake a full body assessment to identify any immediate areas we need to be aware of when designing your training program.

  • Goal Review

    We will discuss your aims, help you define your goals, and identify the steps we need to take together to help you be successful.

  • Nutritional Review

    We will review your current nutrition. Don’t worry this isn’t about intoducing you to a crash diet. We strive for sustainable change.

Training session

  • Getting Ready

    You will follow a specific warm ups and our coaches are trained in soft tissue release techniques to relieve any mobility issues and ensure you are ready to train.

  • Work!

    You will follow your individualised program with motivation, support & guidance from the coaches on the gym floor.

  • Recover

    You can only train as hard as you can recover. We will advise & implement the best techniques to optimise your recovery.

Weekly Consult

  • Feedback

    This is a chance for both client & coach to share their feedback on the weeks training and answer any further questions you may have.

  • Minor Adjustments

    We have already worked to define your goals. This is where we make those minor adjustments each week to keep you track.

  • Focus Area

    You will normally ‘deep dive’ on one specific area during a consult. This could be nutrition, recovery or mindset enhancement using a technique called Lotus Seed.

12 week review

  • Retesting

    We retest the key indicators that we identified as important to your goals. This could include strength, power, bodyfat levels, mobility and so on.

  • Goal Re-evaluation

    This isn’t about changing your goals. It’s about resetting expectations. You may be further ahead on some, or slightly behind on others. This is perfectly normal!

  • Major Adjustments

    Throughout the 12 weeks we endeavour to only make minor adjustments to your training through your weekly consults. Now that we have 12 weeks training & data, we take everything we have learned and make larger adjustments (if necessary!) and the overall process begins again.

Membership: How it works

Our training & health services are primarily delivered in 2 form factors:

Semi-Private Personal Training

You will follow the process outlined above with a dedicated coach who will be responsible for your assessments, testing, program design & weekly consults.

You will be following your own unique training program alongside other clients under the guidance of a coach on the gym floor.

90% of our members utilise this service on a monthly subscription but we are also able to offer a per session rate.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

If you're interested in our health services from the: hyperbaric chamber, infrared sauna, red light therapy, frequency specific microcurrent or need to improve your mindset we would also love to hear from you.

We are able to offer these services on a per session basis and also as a monthly subscription.

Experience world class personal training with our 30 day trial