Our core values | W.I.N.N.I.N.G.

W | Work ethic

Our coaches practice what they preach and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.

I | Integrity

The coaches are there to hold you accountable and ensure you do what you say you are going to do. 

N | need to act

Action is required for results and the coaches will detail which steps you need to take.

N | no limits

We believe there are no limits to progression and will instill this belief into how we guide you.

I | Improve continuously

Progression and not perfection is the mantra coaches use; take small steps often.

n | No problems, only solutions

Don't worry if you're struggling as we believe a problem is simply an opportunity to find a solution. 

G | Gratitude

Your success is our success and we are grateful for anyone that choose to work with WHS.

About our process.

Step 1 | 30 day Trial

  • Contact Us!

    We understand how big a step this is but if you don’t message us we can’t help!

  • Book a Consult

    Although there is a lot of information on the website, nothing beats sitting down and discussing your goals and our options with a WHS Coach!

  • Use the 30 Day Trial

    Trial the best Personal Trainers in Southampton by giving us 30 days to prove it! There is no obligation to sign up after

Step 2 | Assessment

  • Flexibility & Mobility

    The assessment starts with appropriate testing to see how your body works and move resulting in the identification of any possible imbalances and therefore predisposition to injuries.

  • Health Timeline

    An in depth health questionnaire is completed. This gives us a complete lifestyle overview which is reviewed during consultations.

  • Recap

    At the end of the assessment we will present all data back to you and provide you with a detailed e-mail overview of what we found and any initial recommendations

Step 3 | Membership Options

  • Semi-Private Membership

    This option includes being guided directly by a coach for all 4 of your Personal Training sessions per week.

  • 50/50 Membership

    This option includes being guided directly by a coach for 2 of your Personal Training sessions per week and completing 2 sessions per week following the program yourself.

  • Program Design Membership

    This option offers you the opportunity to train yourself following a program designed for you by our expert coaches.

Step 4 | Results & Review

  • Retesting

    We retest the key indicators that we identified as important to your goals. This could include strength, power, bodyfat levels, mobility and so on.

  • Goal Re-evaluation

    This isn’t about changing your goals. It’s about resetting expectations. You may be further ahead on some, or slightly behind on others. This is perfectly normal!

  • Results

    Your success is our success and we live for helping you achieve results. Just check out the below and imagine what we can do for you!


Experience world class personal training with our 30 day trial