Success Stories

I rarely make an effort on giving feedback for any service I utilised but Winning Health Solutions deserves this review.

I have been a client of Tom Hibbert since they've opened this facility and totally transformed my mindset around my wellbeing and physical health.

It is not uncommon that most health workers like myself have this sense of altruism in looking after other people's wellbeing but very likely ending up neglecting their own.

The WHS team have always been very supportive on all the challenges I have encountered and until now have shown the same level of attention to detail and personalised coaching. It is quite fascinating to witness how this service have evolved throughout the years and continue to show excellence with a "can do" attitude.

I've never lost faith in your talents Tom and the care you provide to your clients. I will always be in debt to you and your team for their dedication.
Jean-Paul Evangelista
Exactly 3 months to the day since I started alternative therapy...there have many ups and a few downs but the amazing change is that I am NO longer bedridden, have very few days of chronic pain, am training 3 days a week and am almost there with my nutrition.

The greatest change of all is that I am now writing consistently with a schedule that works. I'll be reviewing/blogging about Winning Health Solutions in the near future and the huge impact a membership at this health facility has made in my life.

Tom Hibbert leads a winning team, (in particular my trainer, Will Smith) and one which I can honestly say saves lives
Sam Hayes
Received wonderful expertise and support from strength coach James Bennett this year. Also used the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber for recovery and race visualisation.

Achieved my 2018 goals of three gold medals (400 hurdles, 400m and 4x400 relay) at the World Masters Athletic Championships
Jon Tilt