WHS staff are Elite level Personal Trainers/Strength Coaches

At Winning Health Solutions, founder Tom Hibbert, has taken a lot of pride in being able to develop his coaches.


If you are reading as a client you can rest assured that the coaches are constantly striving to learn more each day. It is a never ending process that Tom still holds himself accountable to.

If you are reading as a personal trainer, simply put, Tom knows how to guide you into become a world class strength coach/personal trainer. We are always on the lookout for coaches who want to become the best

About our Staff Career Path


  • Application

    Send your CV and a cover letter to WHS today so we can arrange an informal meeting to discuss your career goals

  • Shadow WHS Coaches

    The objective here is to understand the basics of how WHS works and its various systems whilst integrating yourself with team members.

  • Weekly Education

    Attend daily education meetings and be trained by Tom.

Levels 1-4

  • Level 1 WHS Coach

    The objective of level 1 is to provide real world experience and mastery of the basics. We progress you through exercise technique to program design to taking a client into your complete guidance

  • Level 2 WHS Coach

    Level 2 offers the opportunity to take the skills you have been constantly working on and start to build your own niche and business within the walls of WHS.

  • Level 3 WHS Coach

    A level 3 will regularly produce results and will be recognised within their selected niche. A second role of mentoring junior WHS coaches allows them to pass on their knowledge and develop a further skill set.

  • Level 4 WHS Coach

    Reaching level 4 ultimately means you’ve progressed into international recognition for your niche. You have also developed your own material, systems and processes which could now help even more coaches. Using our sister company (Winning Performance), you have the platform to reach and teach coaches Worldwide.

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