5 Tips to Improve your Log Press

Log press is a great full body movement but it is like marmite: you either love it or you hate it!

Many people struggle with different parts of the lift. How should I pick up? Which way are you meant to tilt the handles? Do I put my hands in the middle or slightly back? My answer is don’t over think the little things. Perfect your own technique and practice, practice, practice!

If your log press is going well and you are hitting good numbers GREAT! If your log sucks and you’ve been on the same program for the past 6 months, well buddy I think something needs to be changed…but IF ITS NOT BROKE DON’T FIX IT!

In this article I will be sharing 5 tips that I found effective with my clients and myself when training log press.

1) Strive for perfection with every rep

Too many people are too focused on just slinging the log up anyhow and hoping they have enough strength left after what feels like a battle with a sumo wrestler to press the damn thing.

When you watch videos of some of the best log pressers in the world like Big Z, Radz, Savitinov, Eddie & Hixxy just to name a few, if you pay close attention to their training videos you see almost every rep is the same.

All the best log pressers will strive to make the clean almost perfect and effortless so they have more in the tank for a big leg drive and press. Break the movement into parts- video it and see which parts are going right or wrong!

Bring the weight down and practise hitting good quality reps every set.

2) Keeping elbows high when using a big leg drive

A big problem for a lot of people is keeping the elbows high after the clean. I see it so many times when someone dips toMHP Log use a big leg drive & the elbows drop, the log rolls off the chest and you end up pressing in front and away from you resulting in missing the lift.

I am forever giving my clients the cue to keep their elbows up when dipping to press. This allows you to keep the log in the centre point of your body therefore getting a big leg drive with you elbows up will allow you to press directly overhead with an enormous amount of force.

3) Program in shoulder stabilizer exercises

You are finally at the end of your current training program and it is time to test some maxes. Up to the log you go, rip it off the blocks, smash the clean and bang overhead it goes! Oh wait a second I can’t hold it over head and we all know what that means in competition!

Shoulder stabilizer exercise are massively underrated and play a huge part in the lift!

Make sure you research different ways to work you shoulder stabilizers here are 2 to get you started: Trap 3 Raise and Unilateral External Rotation.

I have been doing these from day one and they have helped me massively when it comes to keeping the log overhead.

4) Work on R.O.M (Range of Motion)

For me this a must! Recently I have written an article on 3 mobility drills for log press, this can make a hell of a difference not just in training but in everyday life too.

Limited range of motion can affect a lot of aspects of the lift from picking it up to getting it into a comfortable position to press from to helping with injury prevention. If you can move more freely there is less risk of you forcing movements and tearing muscles.

There are many videos on YouTube for mobility drills. Find some that suit you and work on them in every session. This will also help the longevity of your lifting career, don’t forget it is not just shoulders in use as the log press effects every part of your body.

5) Plan! Plan! Plan!

If you have no direction in your training how do you expect to move forward? Seek help, hire a trainer or get in contact with people that have created good log pressers!

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